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Gift voucher

Gift voucher

Buy Residence experience as a gift! Give yourself a rest in the spirit of wellness for all the people you love, important and worthy of appreciation! There is nothing better than a few days of indulgence after the stressful weeks.

Buy Residence experience as a gift! As a Christmas gift or other event!
Give your family, friends, colleagues and partners a relaxing break in the wellness spirit!

There is nothing better than a couple of days of indulgence at 710 meters above sea level, the charm of Kékestető.

You can purchase the vouchers on our online interface or you can place your order at the following e-mail address:

Delivery options:

  •  In decorative envelopes, by post (including delivery)
  • You can download or send it to the recipient online via e-mail, on our online surface within a few minutes.

For additional services and surcharges, please inquire at our colleagues:
+36 37 506 000

We will not be able to provide any further discount on the voucher fees, so your employee discounts, vouchers and other vouchers can not be used for this package.